Monday, September 19, 2011

Windows 8 Revealed at BUILD Conference

So Windows 8 was revealed to assembled developers at the BUILD Windows Conference in Anaheim, CA last week and a Windows 8 Developer Preview released to anyone with a working internet connection.

What's the fuss?

We had Windows 8 installed quick smart onto a spare Windows tablet. While there's some functionality missing its easy to see the potential of Windows 8 for apps with the new 'Metro' tile layout. Jensen Harris did a great job of presenting Microsoft's new challenger for iOS and we're keen to see how Windows 8 continues to take shape with progressive builds.

You can get all the info on BUILD and download the developers preview from the BUILD website.

Here's a couple of great articles that give you a good run down of Windows 8 features and their potential:

PC World

So, its early days, but what do you think of Windows 8? Are Microsoft headed in the right direction?