Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who REALLY Has The Best Search Results?

I just can't seem to find any takers for the Bing tattoos I bought back from contact me if you're keen.

While we were travelling recently I was suprised to see such alot of people using Bing in airport lounges and hotel foyers. I'm still not sure it works for me as a regular search engine though.

Aussie Microsoft Developer Evangelist has put together the ultimate comparison tool - BlindSearch, a blind test for search engine results.

Having spent quite a bit of time on online advertising projects, one thing I noticed right away is that there isn't any localisation in the tool, but we'll let Mr Kordahi off seeing as he's put this together in his spare time for a bit of fun.

Still it's interest to play with and test your search engine prejudices against the results.

You can catch more of Michael Kordahi's antics at his blog

Kinda hoping he'll do a demo at APC, I really enjoyed the one he did last year. He's also running the web content track at TechEd.

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