Sunday, September 5, 2010

SMB Need to Know - new podcast series from Robert Crane

Those of you who know me realise I haven't always worked in the IT industry and one thing that differientiates this industry from the various others I've worked in is the constant change.
All of us struggle to keep up with everything going in this industry, blogs, industry press, training etc etc etc. So. Much. Information.

Podcasts are a great way to take the information with you and get some of that keeping up done while you're travelling, jogging or (like me) ironing.

For Australian SMB IT professionals, or frankly IT professsionals anywhere, Robert Crane has kicked off a fantastic podcast series called 'Need to Know'. The only problem for IT professionals outside Australia might be the funny accents ;-). You'll find the first two episodes here with Susan Bradley doing in the inaugural episode and Wayne Small of SBSFaq doing podcast no. 2 on TechEd. Further episodes with Mark O'Shea of Microsoft and myself are in the works. I'm sure Robert would love your feedback on episodes to date as well as what you'd like to hear covered in future episodes. You can also follow Robert on Twitter at @directorcia.

Also worth checking out is AuTechHeads 'CoalFaceTech' podcast series - while you're there you can join AuTechHeads a free membership group for IT Professionals from SMB to Enterprise and everything in between. My Twitter buddies Matt Marlor @OhCrap and Steve Molkentin @TheMolk lead proceedings.

Keira McIntosh is the General Manager at Directions Technology - an Australia owned small business providing managed and reliable IT Support in Brisbane. You can also find her on Twitter and Linked In.

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  1. Thanks Keira and yes I am waiting for you to give me some time to appear on an episode. Podcast number 3 will be released very soon with yet another 'funny accent', Susanne Dansey from Purple Cow Ideas speaking about the business side of cloud computing.

    Robert Crane